Things to remember in calamities (tough times)

  1. Bad times are always followed by good time and vice versa.
  2. Allah Subhannaho wa Ta’alah is there to listen the prayers of effected people.
  3. Learn from the calamities of effected people.
  4. Remain contented.
  5. Hope for the best.
  6. Never get afraid of people’s problem; they have better understanding of it.
  7. Never fear of food shortage.
  8. Never afraid of the wind opposition.
  9. Deal crisis with contentment and wisdom.
  10. Dead person is dead because of Allah’s Will, so no grief.
  11. When people do injustice with you just remember Allah Almighty.
  12. If unfortunately you have lost one part of your body, thanks for remaining.
  13. As you don’t know the outcome of crisis so not to fear about it.
  14. If you are in crisis, others were as well because being creature you have to face it.
  15. Astaghfar opens the closed doors.
  16. No one come and solve your problem; you have to solve it yourself.
  17. No one can harm you if you are wise.
  18. Handover your worries to Allah Almighty.
  19. Forward your case to Allah Almighty and He will surely provide justice to you.
  20. Allah’s enmity is Greatest of all enmities.
  21. Learn contentment from the words of Great People.
  22. Lessen the impact of crisis as much as you can.

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