Maqsad e Zindagi?

Quran Pak k mazameen 3 tarhan k hain:
1) Allah py Emaan (Zameen o Aasman ki nishaniyun aur naimatun ka zikr)
2) Eman bil Risalat (Rasolun py eman (Purani qoumun k waqiat aur nabiyun A.S k qissay), Farishtun py eman aur Aasmani kitabun py eman. Shariat k ahkam bhi isi category main hain)
3) Eman bil Akhrat (Qayamat, Jannat aur Jahanum ka zikr)

Allah Pak zameen o aasman ki nishaniyun (ayat) aur naimatun ka zikr krty hain k ye sb kuch one way or the other insaan k liay bnaya gya hai. Hr cheez ka koi maqsad hai soraj, chand, sitary, pen, book, table, glass etc.

Hmari zindgi ka maqsad kia hai?


Dar Bar e Dil by Umera Ahmed

“Aur insaan shar ko iss trhan mangta hai jaisy khair ko aur byshak insaan bra he jald baaz waqay hua hai” (Surah Isra/ Surah Bani Israel)

dar bar e dil


Standing in the supreme court of one’s heart for answering one’s own mal actions is no doubt toughest of all other states of war. We females are too emotional in our nature that sometimes our emotions present glitter as a gold to us. Dar baar e dil is a story of one of us who was a pious and beautiful young girl having an apparent strong relationship with religion and then there came a time in her life where she failed to prove herself of strong faith. A time where Allah Almighty kept her safe from the bad intentions of a sinful guy but she herself started praying for the evil. Stories like Dar baar e dil help us evaluate ourselves and also to remind that we are not at all anything alongwith our religious beliefs but its only our tawakal, faith and eman which holds us with Allah’s Will.

May Allah be our Hami o Nasir in sirat e mustaqeem. ameen