[Quran Majeed] Surah AlAsr-Part 2

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Summary of #SurahAlAsr

  1. Pains of this live are related to the kids, job, relations etc and human being just forget the pain with the passage of the time and this short memory is indeed a blessing else one cant move out of the painful memory. And then after bearing these pains and hardships, man will stand in front of Allah SWT in the day of judgement where his destiny will be announced. Referring to this scenario Hazrat Abu Bakr RA used to say alas I was a bird or a tiny grass particle so that I could save myself from such hard moment. Quran Majeed says that the fear of that day is so severe that the man will say alas I was mud. So in this scenario, all human beings are in lost and relief is an exceptional case.

  2. WalAsr refers that the Time is the witness. Getting to know what is Asr. Just think a human being as a trader of ice. The sooner he make the sale the sooner he make the profit. For the trader of ice, every single moment is important and decisive in defining the fate of the day. And this is the time which is there since the start and will remain here till the end so it is witness among us all.

  3. Now comes the third ayat of #SurahAlAsr that gives us hope and motivate us to work out for ensuring the eternal success. There are four basic stages of this package. Eman, Aml e Saleh, Tawasee bil Haqq and Tawasee bis Sabr.

  4. Eman: Faith comes from accepting the realities of this universe and man is insufficient in getting all facts on his own. So one requires some more authentic source of knowledge i.e., Quran Majeed. There are two elements of eman a) Iqrar bil leesaan: Accepting by tongue and b) Tasdeeq bil Qalb: Confirming by heart. This heart’s confirmation ensures the completeness of eman. We say that fire burns but if we didnt confirm it by heart we will for sure going to test fire by putting our finger once in it. This is the confirmation by heart that later leads to Aml e Saleh.

  5. Aml e Saleh: Following the good (Halaal) and keeping oneself save from bad (Haraam). Rasool Allah SAWW put high emphasis on aml e saleh while relating it to eman. Hazrat Anas RA narrated that in almost every khutabah Rasool Allah SAWW used to remind us that a man has no emaan if he doesnt keep the promise and if he is dishonest.

  6. Tawassao comes from waseeyat and in urdu we used to relate it with ending messages of someone before death but in Arabic waseeyat is something said like “Intehai ehtemam k sath baham aik dosry ko talqeen krna”. And this talqeen will be of Haqq and Sabr.

  7. Tawasee bil Haqq: What makes a fact Haqq? Its nazar, aqal, ikhlaq and maqsadeeyat that make the Haq, Haq and the batil, batil. Tawasee bil Haq is about struggling in a way to establish the Laws of Allah SWT in the land of Allah SWT in short amr bil maaroof and nahe anil munkar.

  8. Tawasee bis sabr: It is said that “Al Haqqo marrun”, Truth is bitter. So on the way of inviting other towards Haqq one will face opposition, hatred, insult and much more and there comes the need of Sabr.

  9. Once again, point to ponder is that there is AND in between four not OR.

  10. May Allah SWT help us all live according to the commands of #SurahAlAsr and #QuranMajeed. Aameen