[Aazadi March]Imran Khan’s Speech: People of Trees

Despite difference of opinion with Aazadi Dangal and showing zero performance in KPK, I found something very interesting in IK’s Speech Today on 16th August, 2014 around 5:45pm.

He said, See those people on trees, they don’t care about rain, don’t know how they reached there but these people show the capacity of Pakistani’s … Pakistani’s need no loan from abroad.

The funny point is

YES, people on trees need no money (no doubt loan is not encouraged)

People on trees can eat tree fruits; NO FOOD REQUIRED,

People on trees need no homes; TREE ITSELF IS  HOME,

People on trees need no land; TREE WILL BE THEIR PROPERTY,

On the birth of kid, just plant a tree and when the kid is grown up, instead of offering him/her the separate room; move him/her to his/her tree :D,

No need of dresses; CAN WEAR LEAVES,


In short living on trees is something that is appreciated by Imran Khan.

So PTI is progressing, as people are learning to climb trees.

IK is a tarzon who will just jump from one tree to another and will change Pakistan into a Tree Country (Bhag dor tu boht ki hai :p).

But IK, King of Jungle is Lion not Batman 🙂

IK! kindly plan on realistic grounds. Don’t lead our nation to fool’s paradise please. Show us some model of New Pakistan in KPK first.

May Allah SWT be the Hami o Nasir of Pakistan. Aameen