Responding to a Call

Few minutes back, I was having a tea and one of my colleague was discussing something productive with me. Dean’s PS came in to convey that Dean is calling me. I have to leave my tea and my fellow for a while to attend the call. Its too common in our routine to leave our task and to go for something more important. I can’t think of ignoring VC’s call or responding it with a delay. Responding to a call of some Senior is our utmost responsibility…

What about our responding to the call of The Great, The Magnificent and The Glorified. We use to delay it till the end of prayer time, till the end of our old age and till the time where we have no other option…

Ya Allah Reham…


Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

Meray Rahnuma

Such a hard time sleeping this night full of load-shedding after having seen you calling us. I have realized that my nights were from heaven because now I know they are million times better than the bomb-shedding nights of yours.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza!

I might not be able to face you on the day of judgement because you have put such a big responsibility on our shoulders. I wish you hadn’t called us along with the leaders of Jannah – Syedna Umer R.A. and Salahuddin Ayyubi. And I might also not be able to show face to Allah who gave Pakistan such a status that His people are looking at us for help! O Allah! Please do not take my soul until our brothers and sisters in Gaza forgive us for not being able to stop the oppressor.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza:

I thought I have many…

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