AKS By Umera Ahmad

“Never will you attain the good [reward] until you spend [in the way of Allah ] from that which you love. And whatever you spend – indeed, Allah is Knowing of it. “(Al Quran: 2:92)



Aks is a story of a little girl named chirrya who lived with her grand pa Khair deen and her mother Halima. Khair deen was serving as a cook in the Deputy Commisioner house. Chiryaa being the servent child was not allowed to play with the DC’s kids and his guest kids. She was too curious about the tennis game of the DC family in the main lawn so she used to saw the game secretly by hidding herself behind the hedges.

There were number of stories about the DC house that every couple who live in this house resulted in divorce or the death of one of them. Dwrafts were also found and seen by the people living there. Some of the paranormal activities like self movement of the kitchen objects were also noticed by chirrya. There was a standing mirror in the main hall of the house which is the witness of all the happenings of the past and present. Khair deen warned chirryya to keep herself away from the mirrors specially the main mirror but chirrya being alone and curious about the presence of dwrafts used to explore them in the mirror. Chiryya have 7 dwrafts in her imaginery world and those 7 friends are there to share her pain and pleasure.

Abek Sherdil and Sheharbano are two other kids living in the same house. Abek and chirrya are tennis and chess friends. Chirrya was the expert of chess and Abek Sherdil was hero in tennis. Chirrya wana see the queen as the king of chess because she thought that queen is more powerful than king and king is totally dependent on queen. She was passionate about creating a game like chess in which queen will be the king. Sheherbano named barbie doll by chirrya was chirya’s school friend. DC house was the one where chirrya suffered from child abuse by Shehbaz (barbie doll’s father)

Umera Ahmad narrated the child psychology in a worthy admirable way. The social differences experienced by the childs and the obediency of the kids are the points to ponder. Struggles and hardships are there from the day 1 in the life of khair deen and chirrya. But the difficult life faced by khair deen and chirrya after the horrifying incident was the one that leads chirrya to the successful life and finally she got posted in the same DC house being the first female DC.

AKS was the real name of chirrya which was the favorite character of Umera Ahmad and the character which was the first one to inspire Umera Ahmad. DC who was instructing the servants by giving practical demo in the kitchen and the one practicing moral values which were hardly seen nowadays.

Chemistry between the relationship of Sherdil and Aks were well explanatory. Sharing her beloved husband with Sherdil’s Ex Wife Sheherbano was the desicion that magnifies the glory of Aks character. Finally Aks was the queen of the chess having almost all powers of the game. Advices of khair deen and between the line messages of Umera Ahmad are full of wisdom. Following are some of the lessons learned through the story AKS by Umera Ahmad.

Lessons Learned:

1) Places are not hunted but its human mind and soul which is occupied by devil thinking. Houses can’t define the fate of people rather its the strength of a person that makes his fate.

2) Life is the name of sharing happiness. Aks proved it that by sharing happiness one get manifold.

3) Hardships are always followed by ease. “Surely with every difficulty there is relief. Surely with every difficulty there is relief.”  Al- Quran [Shrah, 94:5-6]

4) “Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him.

Allah will grant after hardship, ease.”  Al- Quran [at-Talaaq, 65:7]

5) Beauty is in simplicity and humbleness.


Dar Bar e Dil by Umera Ahmed

“Aur insaan shar ko iss trhan mangta hai jaisy khair ko aur byshak insaan bra he jald baaz waqay hua hai” (Surah Isra/ Surah Bani Israel)

dar bar e dil


Standing in the supreme court of one’s heart for answering one’s own mal actions is no doubt toughest of all other states of war. We females are too emotional in our nature that sometimes our emotions present glitter as a gold to us. Dar baar e dil is a story of one of us who was a pious and beautiful young girl having an apparent strong relationship with religion and then there came a time in her life where she failed to prove herself of strong faith. A time where Allah Almighty kept her safe from the bad intentions of a sinful guy but she herself started praying for the evil. Stories like Dar baar e dil help us evaluate ourselves and also to remind that we are not at all anything alongwith our religious beliefs but its only our tawakal, faith and eman which holds us with Allah’s Will.

May Allah be our Hami o Nasir in sirat e mustaqeem. ameen