[Aazadi March]Imran Khan’s Speech: People of Trees

Despite difference of opinion with Aazadi Dangal and showing zero performance in KPK, I found something very interesting in IK’s Speech Today on 16th August, 2014 around 5:45pm.

He said, See those people on trees, they don’t care about rain, don’t know how they reached there but these people show the capacity of Pakistani’s … Pakistani’s need no loan from abroad.

The funny point is

YES, people on trees need no money (no doubt loan is not encouraged)

People on trees can eat tree fruits; NO FOOD REQUIRED,

People on trees need no homes; TREE ITSELF IS  HOME,

People on trees need no land; TREE WILL BE THEIR PROPERTY,

On the birth of kid, just plant a tree and when the kid is grown up, instead of offering him/her the separate room; move him/her to his/her tree :D,

No need of dresses; CAN WEAR LEAVES,


In short living on trees is something that is appreciated by Imran Khan.

So PTI is progressing, as people are learning to climb trees.

IK is a tarzon who will just jump from one tree to another and will change Pakistan into a Tree Country (Bhag dor tu boht ki hai :p).

But IK, King of Jungle is Lion not Batman 🙂

IK! kindly plan on realistic grounds. Don’t lead our nation to fool’s paradise please. Show us some model of New Pakistan in KPK first.

May Allah SWT be the Hami o Nasir of Pakistan. Aameen


Ya Khuda by Qudrat ullah Shehab

Pakistan ka matlab kia

La illaha illal la

ya khuda

Ya Khuda

‘Ya Khuda’ is a book yet too brief but a heavy dose, one can’t take it easy. To be in an independent state is to be in heaven but not for all, it’s for those who have sacrificed their family, life, wealth and everything for this piece of land. Fathers slaughtered their daughters, bothers fired their houses to burn their young sisters, young Muslim ladies burnt their faces so that Sikhs and Hindus couldn’t give them a second look, this is all for izzah, for the dignity of women and for saving the aabroo of Muslim ladies.
This book is about the helpless Muslim girl who didn’t have father to kill her, brother to burn and courage to deshape her face. Ya it’s all about those who failed to save their izzah and were not brave enough to jump in well. It’s about the daughter of religious scholar who gave birth to  child of sikh and can’t exactly know the father of her child. Real story of a young girl having no cloth for her one day old child in cold night.

Mjhy fikr e jahan kiun ho
jahan Tera hai ya mera
(Allama Iqbal)

The reason of feeling sorry is not the fact our sister was helpless in the land of kufr, matter of grief is the warm welcome she along with other young girls received in their own land, I don’t have courage to explain the love of our Muslim brothers for these homeless sisters. I don’t have words to praise the devotions of that store manager who was there in charge of allotting blankets to the mahajarin. But I want every female to read this book once so that we could offer a sajdah shukar as we don’t know to be under roof with eman and izzah is the greatest of all blessing for a Muslim female.