Labaik by Mumtaz Mufti

“Labaik  Alhumma Labaik, Labaikka la shareeka la ka labaik, innal hamda wan naimata laqawal mulk, la shareekalak”.

labaik mumtaz mufti


To be in Harram Pak with eman and Allah’s will is no doubt a great blessing. The air where our Rasool Pak (peace be upon him) breathe, the path where there are footprints of our Rasool Allah (peace be upon him), the city where people got there hearts turned in the way of Allah, where people like us took their hearts full of dust and dirt and clean them out there with tears.The pleasure of hazri and hazuri is there in the place of Rahmat ul lil aalameen (peace be upon him), the purity of feelings, the humbleness of thoughts and actions is the theme of the book “Labaik” by “Mumtaz Mufti“.  We so-called muslims have more than 360 idols (i.e. of  fame, wealth, knowledge, pride etc) in our heart, which are always there to travel with us even when one is going for attendence in front of Allah Almighty at His place. We have deep respect for Harram Pak, Khana kaba and this deep relationship sometimes keep our prayers superficial and materialistic. People are too concerned with Khana Kaba that they even forget Allah Almighty. Ya it is, even at Harram Pak we are with our desires. The purity of belief and the consistency should be there in the way of Allah. May Allah’s Mercy be with us. ameen.

Mumtaz Mufti was a bold and simple person who didn’t know how to compose his feelings, he wrote his feelings as it is without any sort of goldplating or posing himself a pious man. Everyone knows his/her own self  but only few of us have the courage to elicit or speak out the true state of war in oneself.
Hajj is a ritual,  a ritual which is there even before the arrival of Islam. People from all over the world came there with their specific believes, as we people go there with our believes, desires and devotions. Then what is the difference between Hajj before Islam and Hajj after Islam? One of the major difference is that muslims go there to worship Allah Almighty, the One and The Only Creator of this universe. One holding the control over our lives and every tiny particle in the universe. Allah Almighty is Al’Sammad,bay niaz, Its we who need to pure our hearts, to inline our life with the teachings of Islam. But unfortunately our focus, vision and mission is yet not defined well by us.

From time to time we people promise our-self to follow the complete way of life presented by Islam, but not now, because we have to live with people, we have to make fun but it doesn’t mean that we are going to ignore our religious obligations, i will surely perform my duties once my hair are white or get my life close to death, till then i should fulfill the rights of my friends and fellows by enjoying the colors of life with them. This is what Mumtaz Mufti want us to realize, that what are our priorities in our energetic young age. The best time of our life goes with Shaitan and we postponed our religious obligations to be performed in the age when we don’t have the power to do anything wrong.
The most beautiful thing i found in the book is the ownership Mumtaz Mufti has for his actions and i think this is only the true feelings of tauba that Allah Subhan na ho wa Ta’alah bless him a sitting with a Sahabi (razi Allah anho) of Ghazwae badar…

Yes badri Sahabi!!!

Details are there to be read in the book “Labaik” by “Mumtaz Mufti”.

Note: I have a request to those having deep respect for religion that kindly ignore whatever you feel bad in the book because we people can’t judge the relationship of anyone with Allah Almighty, so better to keep the good lessons only 🙂