[Quran Majeed] Surah AlAsr Part-1

#QuranMajeed #MuntakhbNisab #DuraTarjummaeQuran

Summary of #SurahAlAsr

  1. Four basics of Success: 1) Eman 2) Good Deeds 3) Invitation to Goodness 4) Patience for the sake of Allah.

  2. Good deeds in the individuals matters, family concerns, socio-economic goodness and political goodness.

  3. In Quran Majeed, there are only three Surahs having 3 ayat in them and each of them is profound in its nature. #SurahAlAsr is profound in number of dimensions, some of them are: 1) It is among the starting revelations and such Surahs are too concrete that number of later surahs explain the deep elements of such starting surahs. 2) It is complete. 3) It is profound and is like a seed containing huge tree inside.

  4. Imam Shafi RA said that for those who want guidance, this surah alone is enough. Also he narrated that Sahaba Karam RA used to receite this Surah before saying farewell salaam in their daily routine.

  5. #SurahAkhlas is too profound in explaining Tauheed and same is #SurahAlAsr, explaining the purpose of life and ways of achieving success. The central ayat saying “No doubt, all human beings are in loss” is the main ayat in terms of emphasis and placement.

  6. Composition of #Surah AlAsr is like first we have Qasam (Wal Asr), then reason of Qasam (Innal insaanna laafi khhusr) and in the end there is an exceptional case (Illallazeena aamano, wa aamelus salehat e watawa sao bil haq e watawa sao bis sbr). In this surah almost all of Arabic ways of emphasis in speech are used.

  7. In worldly life the scale of success is get decided by wealth, property, status, degrees, power, promotions etc and according to this scale Firoun and Qaroon are the successful people? No, because according to #SurahAlAsr, the successful people are the ones having Eman, doing good deeds, those who invite to goodness and remain patient in the way of Allah SWT. Point to ponder is that there is AND in between four not OR.

  8. In #SurahAlAsr, there is no mentioning of high rewards for those fulfilling the FOUR commands but these FOUR makes bare minimum criteria to avoid being lost. If we call this criteria, the prescription from The Most Wise, then we can’t think of adding or subtracting any single parameter among the FOUR. Because after doing so, it will no more guarantee the success.

  9. The reason of the failure of us all being the Muslims of 21st century is that we thought that our faith is sufficient for our survival and this is the reason that we didn’t bother to practice the remaining necessary and sufficient conditions.

  10. Two main aspects of understanding Quran Majeed are the tazzakkur and the taddabur. Tazzakur refers to getting the lessons and Quran Majeed says that “We make Quran easy for zikr”. Taddabur requires pondering upon and reflecting on the messages conveyed. In this Surah, khhasara is not of the few thousands but of never-ending life. So can’t move forward without understanding this central ayat.

  11. Pains of this live are related to the kids, job, relations etc and human being just forget the pain with the passage of the time and this short memory is indeed a blessing else one cant move out of the painful memory. And then after bearing these pains and hardships, man will stand in front of Allah SWT in the day of judgement where his destiny will be announced. Referring to this scenario Hazrat Abu Bakr RA used to say alas I was a bird or a tiny grass particle so that I could save myself from such hard moment. Quran Majeed says that the fear of that day is so severe that the man will say alas I was mud. So in this scenario, all human beings are in lost and relief is an exceptional case.


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