Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

Meray Rahnuma

Such a hard time sleeping this night full of load-shedding after having seen you calling us. I have realized that my nights were from heaven because now I know they are million times better than the bomb-shedding nights of yours.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza!

I might not be able to face you on the day of judgement because you have put such a big responsibility on our shoulders. I wish you hadn’t called us along with the leaders of Jannah – Syedna Umer R.A. and Salahuddin Ayyubi. And I might also not be able to show face to Allah who gave Pakistan such a status that His people are looking at us for help! O Allah! Please do not take my soul until our brothers and sisters in Gaza forgive us for not being able to stop the oppressor.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza:

I thought I have many…

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