Did Quresh Win the Battle of Ohad?

Well, following are the quick 7 points that shed light on the findings and tie of Battle of Ohad:

  1. Quresh didn’t get the control of the Muslim Camp.
  2. Despite tough circumstances, Muslims fought and shielded Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W (the gestures of warriors-light bearer).
  3. Not a single Muslim was captivated in this battle of Uhad.
  4. Quresh didn’t come for the third round of Battle and left the battle ground.
  5. Quresh didn’t collect booty (Maal e Ghaneemat).
  6. At that time, winner used to stay 3 days or so in the battle ground to confirm their success but quresh didn’t stay for few hours to collect booty.
  7. Madina is few miles away from the battle of Ohad but quresh didn’t dare to invade Madina where no resistant was there for quresh at that particularly.

May Allah SWT bless Ummat e Muslima with eternal success. Aameen.

Reference: Ar Raheeq ul Makhtoom by Moulana Safi ur Rahman Mubarakpuri Page # 390


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