Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas R.A

Abdullah was the son of Abbas R.A, an uncle of the noble Prophet. He was born just three years before the Hijrah. When the Prophet SAWW died, Abdullah R.A was thus only thirteen years old.
It was not only in the collection of hadith that Abdullah R.A specialized. He devoted himself to acquiring knowledge in a wide variety of fields. He had a special admiration for persons like Zayd ibn Thabit R.A, the recorder of the revelation, the leading judge and jurist consult in Madinah, an expert in the laws of inheritance and in reading the Quran. When Zayd R.A intended to go on a trip, the young Abdullah R.A would stand humbly at his side and taking hold of the reins of his mount would adopt the attitude of a humble servant in the presence of his master. Zayd R.A would say to him: “Don’t, O cousin of the Prophet.” “Thus we were commanded to treat the learned ones among us,” Abdullah R.A would say. “And Zayd R.A would say to him in turn: “Let me see your hand.” Abdullah R.A would stretch out his hand. Zayd R.A, taking it, would kiss it and say: “Thus we were commanded to treat the ahl al-bayt members of the household of the Prophet SAWW.”
Abdullah ibn Abbas R.A was constant in his devotions. He kept voluntary fasts regularly and often stayed up at night in Prayer. He would weep while praying and reading the Quran. And when reciting verses dealing with death, resurrection and the life hereafter his voice would be heavy from deep sobbing.


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