Together Forever by Faiez Hassan Seyal

“It is He who created you from one soul and created from it its mate that he might dwell in security with her…” [7:189]

Together Forever

Together Forever

It was really strange to see the practical examples around us that the relationship meant and named for happiness (Shadi) is a simple burden for people. The basic manners taught by Islam; which guarantee peace and success in every human relationship either it be personal or social; are ignored by us and resulting discomfort in every field of our lives.

Together Forever is a brilliant guide for keeping every relationship (specially marriage) successful by following quick tips and adopting simple habits. Man and women are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally different and everyone needs to understand these differences for maintaining peace in relationship. Starting tips and lessons of the book are as follows: (details are there in the book)

  • Life is difficult
  • You are not self-sufficient
  • You can get anything but not everything
  • Don’t be jealous
  • What is real success
  • You shall be tested
  • Get yourself prepared for the tests and trials
  • No pain, No Gain
  • Pain is inevitable
  • How will you be tested?
  • Never lose hope
  • Persevere until you get what you want
  • You will always win, if you are true
  • You are responsible for your life
  • Only you are accountable in the end
  • Question every tradition (mehndi, barat, dowery etc)
  • Follow Allah, not the society
  • Seek the truth, if you want the truth struggle ahead
  • Struggle hard
  • We are responsible for our pains
  • You create your own destiny
  • There is a definite purpose to life
  • We are most beloved to Allah
  • We are the viceroys of Allah
  • Serving Him is our purpose
  • … so on

There are hundreds of simple tips and lessons discussed in the light of auther’s client experiences and the hard experiences which should not be repeated by us. People who are well mannered towards their parents, siblings, friends and relatives are good towards their spouse as well. So we should practice best manners in our intra- and inter- personal relationships.

Wishing you all the best in every field of life. Stay Blessed. ameen