Muhammad e Arabi peace be upon him by Muhammad Anayat Ullah Subhani

“Verily in the Messenger of Allah you have the best example for him who looks unto Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.” [Al-Ahzab 33:21]

Muhammad e Arabi peace be upon him by Muhammad Anayat Ullah Subhani

Muhammad e Arabi peace be upon him by Muhammad Anayat Ullah Subhani

Muhammad pbuh ki muhabbat, deen e haq ki sharat e awal hai

Isi main ho agr khammi, tu eman na mukammil hai

In this materialistic world, world of greed human beings need a light to follow for reaching the destination. To whom we should follow as a Teacher, Leader, Preacher, Friend and Soul Guider. To whom I can trust by closing my eyes. Who else it could be except My Beloved One and Only Habib e Khuda, Rasool Allah peace be upon him.

Its human nature to explore the personality of one he/she love. To search more and more about the beloved and to know the life of one who encompasses our lives. Rasool Pak pbuh is no doubt the one who is loved by the world, by the earth and every creature of this universe.

Muhammad e Arabi peace be upon him by Muhammad Anayat Ullah Subhani is the book which take us to the time of Rasool Allah’s pbuh forefather. The time which make us realize that how much the people of Quresh love Hazrat Abd e Man’naf, Hazrat Hashim, Hazrat Abdul Mutlib, Hazrat Abdullah and finally Hazrat Muhammad pbuh (click here for complete Shajra e Nasab of Rasool Allah Hazrat Muhammad pbuh). And then how Quresh went after the live of Rasool Allah pbuh just because of their lame ego.

Like a story, Muhammad Anayat Ullah Subhani make us travel with our Rasool Pak pbuh to let us recite qalma’a Shihadat on reading the early arrival of Islam. To make us say “No doubt Rasool Pak peace be upon you! you are the last Messanger of Allah Subhan na ho wa Ta’alah”. To make us stand beside our Habib pbuh and to recite Drood e Pak by heart while feeling like we are there with Sahaba Karaam in the company of Hazrat Muhammad pbuh. The circumstances of hijrat e habshah, safr e taif, hijrat e madina , ghazvaat and siraya are explained in a way that link the history in self explanatory way. Wisdom of Rasool e Khuda pbuh, consultation with Sahaba Karam R.A and the worthy decisions in tough situations make me feel proud of Muhammad Mustafa pbuh. Victory like Fatah e Makkah, the beloved land of our Nabi Pak pbuh and the humbleness of Fateh do Aalam pbuh has wells of knowledge and oceans of wisdom for those who ponder.

I recommend this book to the beginners of Seerat e Nabvi pbuh for starting the journey with Rasool Allah pbuh. May we all have a blessed journey here and hereafter.ameen

Mery hathun aur huntun sy khusbu jati nahi

k main ny ism e Muhammad pbuh ko lika bohat aur chumma boht


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