20 Jannati Sahaba(R.A) by Ahmed Khalil Jumma;translated by Hafiz Abu Muhammad Al Hanfi

And those foremost [(in Islamic Faith of Monotheism and in performing righteous deeds) in the life of this world on the very first call for to embrace Islam,] will be foremost (in Paradise). These will be those nearest to Allah. In the Gardens of delight (Paradise). A multitude of those (foremost) will be from the first generations (who embraced Islam). And a few of those (foremost) will be from the later time (generations). (They will be) on thrones woven with gold and precious stones (56:10-15)

20 Jannati Sahaba (R.A)

20 Jannati Sahaba (R.A)

The people in the era of Rasool Pak (Peace be Upon Him) are too strong in their faith. One of many reasons is, I think, the guidance of Rasool Allah (Peace be Upon Him) to them. Our total knowledge about Seerat e Nabvi (Peace be Upon Him), ghazwaat, lives of Sahaba and Islam is what we read in our Islamiat curriculum till 12th grade of our education and I think till then we have strong fear of Allah; while doing anything wrong. Then with the passage of time, our relationship got weakens with our moral Islamic values because we people no more remain in touch with our religion intellectually.

The lives of Sahaba Karam (R.A) are there for us as a strong bond of love, faith, harmony, loyalty and strength. We people don’t know how this Quran e Hakeem and Seerat e Nabvi (Peace be Upon Him) came to us as a light for our lives. The efforts of our Rasool Kareem (Peace be Upon Him), the role of Sahaba Karam (R.A) as strong supporters and the history of ghazvaat are yet not understood by us, we people even don’t bother to learn about Islam. This book ’20 Jannati Sahaba(RA)’ by ‘Ahmed Khalil Jumma’ (Urdu translation by Hafiz Abu Muhammad Al Hanfi) is there for refreshing our eman and to make us travel along with Sahaba Karaam (R.A) in the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

Following are the 20 Sahaba (R.A) about whom; their accepting Islam circumstances, participation in gazwaat and saraya, basharat e Nabvi(Peace be Upon Him) about jannat ul firdos and shahadat is described.

1)      Hazrat Malik Bin Sanan (R.A)

2)      Hazrat Umro Bin Jmmoh (R.A)

3)      Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umro Bin Harram(R.A)

4)      Hazrat Jaffar Bin Abi Talib (R.A)

5)      Hazrat Akashah Bin Mohsin (R.A)

6)      Hazrat Abu Sufyan Bin Al Haris Bin Abdul Mutlib (R.A)

7)      Hazrat Hatib Bin Abi Balta (R.A)

8)      Hazrat Abdullah Bin Salaam(R.A)

9)      Hazrat Harrisa Bin Nouman (R.A)

10)   Hazrat  Zaid Bin Arqam (R.A)

11)   Hazrat Hamza Bin Abdul Mutlib (R.A)

12)   Hazrat Abdullah Bin Hajash (R.A)

13)   Hazrat Saad Bin Al Rabbih (R.A)

14)   Hazrat Saad Bin Maa’az(R.A)

15)   Hazrat Zaid Bin Harisa (R.A)

16)   Hazrat Abdullah Bin Rawaha (R.A)

17)   Hazrat Sabit Bin Qais (R.A)

18)   Hazrat Bilal Bin Rubah  (R.A)

19)   Hazrat Sohaib Bin Sannan Roomi (R.A)

20)   Hazrat Abdullah Bin Unais (R.A)

Nikal k Sehra sy Jis ny romma ki Saltanat ko ulat dia tha

Suna hai ye qudsiyun sy main ny, wo shair phr hoshiyar hoga

(By Allama Iqbal)

The early arrival of Islam, the beauty of Baits, the spirit of Hijrit, the obedience in Saraya and the circumstances of different Ghazvaat along with the role of these Sahaba Karam (R.A) is described in a comprehensive way, so that reader can feel what were the difficulties our Rasool Pak (Peace be Upon Him) along with his companions (R.A) faced in the way to truth, in the way of passing this light of Hidayat and Noor of Islam to us. Shan-e-Nazool of different ayat in context of important incident related to particular Sahaba (R.A), special messages for proving and clearing the position of Sahaba Karam (R.A) in front of Kuffar o Munafiqeen is worth reading.

This book makes us realize about the competition in Jannat ul Firdos. These were the people who offer their lives, family, wealth and everything in the way of Allah. Recommending this book is there for evaluating ourselves in context of efforts of Sahaba Karam (R.A). May Allah Subhannaho wa Ta’alah give us an opportunity which makes our life long efforts and worldly struggle fruitful. ameen.


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