[Aazadi March]Imran Khan’s Speech: People of Trees

Despite difference of opinion with Aazadi Dangal and showing zero performance in KPK, I found something very interesting in IK’s Speech Today on 16th August, 2014 around 5:45pm.

He said, See those people on trees, they don’t care about rain, don’t know how they reached there but these people show the capacity of Pakistani’s … Pakistani’s need no loan from abroad.

The funny point is

YES, people on trees need no money (no doubt loan is not encouraged)

People on trees can eat tree fruits; NO FOOD REQUIRED,

People on trees need no homes; TREE ITSELF IS  HOME,

People on trees need no land; TREE WILL BE THEIR PROPERTY,

On the birth of kid, just plant a tree and when the kid is grown up, instead of offering him/her the separate room; move him/her to his/her tree :D,

No need of dresses; CAN WEAR LEAVES,


In short living on trees is something that is appreciated by Imran Khan.

So PTI is progressing, as people are learning to climb trees.

IK is a tarzon who will just jump from one tree to another and will change Pakistan into a Tree Country (Bhag dor tu boht ki hai :p).

But IK, King of Jungle is Lion not Batman :)

IK! kindly plan on realistic grounds. Don’t lead our nation to fool’s paradise please. Show us some model of New Pakistan in KPK first.

May Allah SWT be the Hami o Nasir of Pakistan. Aameen

Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

Sidra Sultana:

Wish to have said Labbaik Ya Falasteen!

Originally posted on Meray Rahnuma:

Such a hard time sleeping this night full of load-shedding after having seen you calling us. I have realized that my nights were from heaven because now I know they are million times better than the bomb-shedding nights of yours.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza!

I might not be able to face you on the day of judgement because you have put such a big responsibility on our shoulders. I wish you hadn’t called us along with the leaders of Jannah – Syedna Umer R.A. and Salahuddin Ayyubi. And I might also not be able to show face to Allah who gave Pakistan such a status that His people are looking at us for help! O Allah! Please do not take my soul until our brothers and sisters in Gaza forgive us for not being able to stop the oppressor.

Dear brothers and sisters in Gaza:

I thought I have many…

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Did Quresh Win the Battle of Ohad?

Well, following are the quick 7 points that shed light on the findings and tie of Battle of Ohad:

  1. Quresh didn’t get the control of the Muslim Camp.
  2. Despite tough circumstances, Muslims fought and shielded Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W (the gestures of warriors-light bearer).
  3. Not a single Muslim was captivated in this battle of Uhad.
  4. Quresh didn’t come for the third round of Battle and left the battle ground.
  5. Quresh didn’t collect booty (Maal e Ghaneemat).
  6. At that time, winner used to stay 3 days or so in the battle ground to confirm their success but quresh didn’t stay for few hours to collect booty.
  7. Madina is few miles away from the battle of Ohad but quresh didn’t dare to invade Madina where no resistant was there for quresh at that particularly.

May Allah SWT bless Ummat e Muslima with eternal success. Aameen.

Reference: Ar Raheeq ul Makhtoom by Moulana Safi ur Rahman Mubarakpuri Page # 390

Labour’s Day – Where and for what to strive


And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives [Al Quran 53:39]

Who will succeed?

We all are striving for something. Muslims, Christians and Jews are all working hard and just a Kalima e Tayyaba will decide our ultimate destiny either Jannat or Jahanam.

What to do?

Should I do social work? To donate a wheel chair, to arrange electric water cooler, to gift sewing machine to a widow, to sponsor  any orphan’s education etc. Definitely I will opt one having everlasting results. Is it the best option to save our soul from hell fire and to give our soul an eternal peace i.e. The Heaven as this soul help us in this world and once we are on right path, then the core responsibility is to save others from the hell fire.

NTB: No doubt the above mentioned social work has its own importance but what matters most is the ultimate success or lost  and everlasting peace and pain etc.

How to do?

To save ourselves and mankind we first need to get sound knowledge of our religion- Yes, here it refers to same or even more quality knowledge in terms of learning Arabic, Tafseer, Hadees, Seerat e Nabvi SAWW, Seerat e Sahaba R.A, Seerat e Sahabiat R.A and ofcourse Tajweed and other basic and advance Islamic education as compare to our efforts to get PhD in Software Engineering etc.

To whom should I trust?

To whom should I put my trust therein. There are number of school of thoughts, masaliqs and people are promoting their own interests. What we can do is to join good institute or authentic teacher who clicks more to our heart (we can switch to other institutions if we found someone more convincing and promising) and then to start justifying our skills. DO REMEMBER, THE MORE INTELLECTUALS WE ARE, THE MORE TOUGH OUR RESPONSIBILITIES WILL BE.

Some good sources:

Mafhoom e hadees “Momin Likes for his brother what he likes for himself”. So here goes sources of my learning.

1) Tajweed lectures by Ustad Wisam (approx 10mins videos are there at youtube)

2) Tafseer Lectures by Dr Israr Ahmad

3) Arabic Learning by Ustab Amir Sohail

4) Hadees Lectures by Dr Israr Ahmad (42 ahadees of Arbaeen e Nabvi SAWW)

And many more

My Excuse?

OK but I am busy in 8am-5pm web development job plus I am PhD scholar and also a female having other “NECESSARY” tasks and don’t have enough time for reading ABC of Islam. Well, then better to be prepared for …

If we people can manage to do almost every challenging job in toughest schedule then why we are so excus-ive towards learning and practicing Islam, poor souls we are Ya Arhammur Rahemeen.

Say, [O Muhammad], “If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your relatives, wealth which you have obtained, commerce wherein you fear decline, and dwellings with which you are pleased are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and jihad in His cause, then wait until Allah executes His command. And Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people.” [Al Quran 9:24]

“For each [religious following] is a direction toward which it faces. So race to [all that is] good. Wherever you may be, Allah will bring you forth [for judgement] all together. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent. [Al Quran: 2:148]”

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Jaan di, di hoi Usi (Allah SWT) ki thi

Haq tu ye hai, k haq ada na hua

Ummahatul Momineen



Hazrat Javairia Binte Haris R.A

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Fairness of Hazrat Umar bin Al Khattab R.A

Narrated Ibn Umar, who was son of Khalifa Umar ibn Al Khattab:
Umar bin Al-Khattab fixed a grant of 4000 (Dirhams) for every Early Emigrant (i.e. Muhajir) and fixed a grant of 3500 (Dirhams) only for Ibn ‘Umar. Somebody said to ‘Umar, “Ibn ‘Umar is also one of the Early Emigrants; why do you give him less than four-thousand?” ‘Umar replied, “His parents took him with them when they migrated, so he was not like the one who had migrated by himself. Shaih Bukhari (5:58:251)
Umar b. al-Khattab was not afraid of criticism. Once gave a public sermon in which he asked the congregation to refrain from fixing heavy mahrs, and stated that the Prophet had declared no-one should give more than 400 dirhams. A woman immediately stood up and challenged him, quoting the verse 4:20 from the Qur’an: ‘But if you decide to take a wife in place of another, even if you had given the first a heap of gold (quintar) for a dowry, you shall not take the least bit back.’ Umar went back to the minbar and withdrew his words stating ‘the woman is right, and Umar is wrong. Whoever wishes may give as much property as he wishes to give.’ (Ibn Hajar al-Athqalani, Fath al-Bari, 9:167).

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